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The harem that games together trolls together? :p
Well, Isshan forced my hand soooooo..........


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by    Posted june 25, 2011
I'll leave Hikikomori for one of the rest of ya and claim Mysterious Protector for my own. Although the MM as she was played in PSO was a pure Dark Magical Girl.
by    Posted june 25, 2011
I'll be the Shinsegumi then. When i play RPGs, I always endorse my idea of justice.
by    Posted june 25, 2011
Zero ---> My yandere 

Ashgail--> My Fighting Games And figure collector one! (And my Ar tonelico playpal!) xD (PS: Tends to be weak againts tsunderes, be careful ren)

Raioh --> My Loli

Ren--> My pure blodded tsundere

Ishaan --> My "teacher" style

Spencer--> The mysterious one that works on a secret Chemistry Russian Facility

Alhazardous--> The "genki" airheaded type (If you have seen toradora, Minorin xD)

 Li_Eni --> My Cold Hearted Academic

JustThisOne ---> My macho men lover (EX: Nagase from TWOGK, or the black haired girl of Genshiken xD)

by    Posted june 26, 2011
@ ...
by    Posted june 26, 2011
@ You mean a Bara Lover for Justy.

Oh, Wildy is a Tsundere too. And the right term for Li is a Kuudere.

Wildy says I'm a tsundere, but I'm actually a manipulative yaoi otouto. They have yet to coin a concise enough term for me.
by    Posted june 26, 2011
@ Stop pursuing Just and give up buddy. She has refused you. :P Also keep your delusional harem to twitter. Your stating to scare Lee. lol
by    Posted june 26, 2011
@ YOU ARE A TSUNDERE, I KNOW MY HAREM, and im not tsundere, i never hide my feelings D8<

@   @ is already in my harem, and Li is just doing his kuudere job perfectly xD
by    Posted june 26, 2011
@ You're going all stalker on us man. You're crazy. YOU'RE CRAZY!!!!!!!!! XD
by    Posted june 26, 2011
@ Yes smart guy, trying to prove that you aren't a tsundere while acting all tsuntsun. Good job.
by    Posted june 26, 2011
by    Posted june 26, 2011
D: There is but one escape: Harem Nanny.


@ Bara Lover? Nooooo! I'm totally against reading BL. It's just too awkwaaard. ;__; I'd die of embarassment if someone were to walk in on me reading that.
by    Posted june 26, 2011
I am most definitely the "Adult Child" >_<
by    Posted june 26, 2011
@ @ I AM NOT A KUUDERE. Well not irl at least.

About the topic on hand... I'm more like the Unlucky Everydude.
by    Posted june 26, 2011
For the official record, this is NOT about the harem in Wild's head, but love it and dream more anyway. Just a continuation of our most recent self-exploratory thread on the main site.
by    Posted june 26, 2011
My harem is the beginning and end of everything!!!

Everyone did said im a Chaotic Evil  before tho...  Dunno where i would put myself

@  I didnt wanted to put Bara Lover for Just (because there is BL on it right? i dunno if she is into that) Actually, i wanted to put as example the little sister of the best friend of the MC in ore no imouto, in the laternative ending she appeared and was into BL stuff xD)
by    Posted june 26, 2011
@ Hmm, GachiMuchi Lover? No, I don't think that's the right term either. Ossan Con? Oyaji Con? Kinniku Con?
by    Posted june 26, 2011
@ i think ojaji Con is the one, just check how the black haired girl at genshiken was called xD, she was into muscular men (like BL too) but mostly into muscular men
by    Posted june 27, 2011
Now wait a minute! Just because I'm a Barry-fan doesn't necessarily mean I'm into middle aged burly men and possibly yaoi.

I have enough love for everyone. :D
by    Posted june 28, 2011
@ I knew i was RIGHT to put you on my harem! THIS WAS THE CHOICE OF THE STEINS;GATE.. MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.... el...psy...congroo...
by    Posted june 30, 2011
Inside joke? Im so lost right now man, lol.
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